banana pizza

banana pizza is a thing. Banana pizza has the right to exist. I highly recommend you try this.

as of last year im part of the E.P.C (experimental pizza club) together with co founding members Katrina and Daisy. K & D. K & D & A . K, D & A / K,D , A . Everyone brings curious ingredients. D came up with a pizza wait i type it under that pizza its more funny / accurate  hahahah this pizza it is the pizza CURRY. mango chutney. mango chutney with chichpeas i guess caramalised onion (a must)

hahahaha this fuck me cant remember. I think its pear and blue cheese and also caramalised onions, . unionoonionsunosin.    ofxourse my baby pizza look at those yummie bananas. NOT TO FORGET ALL CRUST ARE ALSO MADE. WE HAD PINK PIZZA GREEN PIZZA . pink from beetroot etc etc !  wow this pizza this was a sweet one. Must say it was a bit intense but very like it. this is less special pizza its what i do when im by myself not in company of K & D i make a fast one fast so froze + fresh banana. I rhink this was TUNA & BANANA. im aware that one shouldnt eat too much tuna.