larry the cat

Schermafbeelding 2019-01-28 om 23.08.21

let me tell you a little bit about larry the cat.


our cat larry ( I live with Daniel and Eline) is very cute and before only existed on the internet. But now me and daniel gave birth to larry the cat this saturday afternoon. We will fire larry soon and place on wooden wheels so we can roll with larry


larry larry larry


such a funny cat


50775303_2103488913027532_736452746550444032_n cute larry

hold by a stranger with a ring. (personally i dont like jewlery) 50810162_2103488919694198_7546713729023344640_n larry cool

50920338_2103488809694209_2308631228967813120_n haha larry looks like a lot of fun from the side to.

50962041_2103488769694213_5666456739952721920_n 51068962_2103488716360885_2730573154043822080_n mini larry


51246614_2103488926360864_5216894043404894208_n larry got fat

hahaha larry doing BUSINESS. WOW!!!! BALLER 51492373_2103488916360865_4691905957293195264_n