botanical garden drawing with susan

susan lives next to the botanical gardens in amsterdam. This day we went there — also sipped a good glass of rose (yum!) and made drawings of all the funny plants they have. Look at that yellow plant!!! what is it, so bright so fun, so quirky. As we had all these drawings made. a mesmorizing total of 6 together we went to the cafe and celebrated the day off with a glass of rose. (yes three ice cubes were asked, we got one each). Fun wasn’t over yet.

we wow this is a diffrent type of front i am curious.

We went to waterlooplein after. And found this AMAZING!!! wow!!!! amazing motorcycle suit, we needed this. wow. but we were a fiver short. haha so we ask the guy, how about instead of the fiver we give you these amaaazing drawings we just made at the botanical garden. (LOL!!!) ok. he said no and said how about you go sell them right now and get 5 euro. ok. so we tried. haha and within ok ill say 4 cause otherwise this whole text is filled with 5’s, withing 4 minutes someone ACTUALLY bought all are drawings for five euros so we could buy the awesome motor suit. LET ME SEE IF I CAN FIND A PICTURE!!!!

the motor suit
great susan with new shorts (WOW! and lets not deny this crazy pale lilac trousers underneath woauwowa!)
haha pls
worth it.

this is susans website,

you can click on the ‘this is susans website’ and then you can see susans work too <3